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RJ1412L减震器, 软型

缓冲时间缩短 30%

●最大动作次数: 1000万次
L 型: 0.05~1 m/s
H 型: 0.05~2 m/s
短行程型: 0.05~1m/s
字段描述 字段取值 RJ1412L取值描述
本体螺纹外径·行程 1412 外径螺纹尺寸:14mm;行程:12mm
冲击速度范围 L 0.05~1m/s
带帽 基本型
可选项 六角螺母:2个,限位螺母:-


RJ1412L Shock Absorber, Soft Type
Light load applications requiring quick low speed stops now have the perfect solution thanks to our new Series RJ soft type shock absorbers. Designed initially for use with our air slide table, rodless and rotary cylinder ranges, Series RJ ensures softer absorption making it ideal for small conveyors which often require soft stop performance. Fully interchangeable with our existing Series RB absorber range, this new series – with their patented spiral groove design – offer outstanding durability and a 30% reduction in cushioning time. Available in three energy absorbency options, 1, 3 and 10 (J) and stroke lengths of 6, 7 and 12mm respectively, Series RJ really is the ideal choice when soft absorption is a necessity.

Suitable for softly stopping light objects or objects transferred at low speeds
Cushioning time is reduced by 30%
Models in each size can be selected from 2 types according to operating cylinder speed
The RJ series is interchangeable with the RB series in terms of mounting
Options include hexagon nut and stopper nut