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AS2201FG-01-06S 速度控制器, 一键式接头, 弯头/通用, 不锈钢
“–FG”系列适用于需要无铜规格的应用,还可用于冲洗可能降低标准流量控制的区域,例如食品和包装。该系列旨在通过将指针的圈数增加到 10 圈来提供最大的控制。机身和调节件由高抗冲白色树脂制成,外观干净。该系列还集成了SMC的一键式接头,适用于外径为4mm至12mm的管道尺寸。

提供 PT 或 NPT 端口

字段描述 字段取值 AS2201FG-01-06S取值描述
阀体大小 2 1/8,1/4基准
控制方式 0 排气节流
螺纹的种类 公制螺纹(M5),统一协定螺纹(10-32UNF),R
接管口径 01 1/8
适合管子外径 06 Φ6mm
可选项 S 带密封剂
订制规格 标准
锁母可选项 六角锁母


字段描述 AS2201FG-01-06S取值描述
形式 弯头型
适合管子材质 尼龙 / 软尼龙 / 聚氨酯
使用流体 空气
最高使用压力 1 MPa
最低使用压力 0.1 MPa
耐压力 1.5 MPa
环境温度 -5~60℃
使用流体温度 -5~60℃
C值 0.64 dm³/(s·bar)
b值 0.25


AS2201FG-01-06S Speed Controller, One-touch Fitting, Elbow/Universal, Stainless Steel
Suitable for applications where copper free specifications are required, the “–FG” series can also be used in areas where wash down could degrade standard flow controls, such as food and packaging. This series is designed to offer the maximum control by increasing the number of turns of the needle to 10. The body and adjustment are made of high impact white resin for a clean look. This series also incorporates SMC’s one-touch fitting available for tubing sizes from 4mm to 12mm OD.

Stainless steel specification for use in corrosive environments
Available with PT or NPT ports
One-touch fittings
Meter-in and meter-out types easily determined by the flow
direction symbol on the resin body
Threads with and without sealant are available as standard