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SMC为执行器和空气夹具提供各种自动开关。干簧和固态开关有通用型或 2 色指示,允许根据光的颜色确定最佳工作位置。固态开关还提供带诊断输出的 2 色指示、防水 2 色指示、内置 OFF 延迟计时器 (200 ms)、耐磁场、耐热和宽范围检测配置。提供各种引线长度。


D-Y69B可选项信息 可选项的值 D-Y69B值的信息
磁性开关型号 Y69B 无触点磁性开关, 直接出线式, 带指示灯, 2线式, 纵引出, 导线长0.5m, 适用电压:DC24V(DC10~28V)
形式 标准


Auto Switch, Solid State, General Purpose
SMC offers a variety of auto switches for actuators and air grippers. Reed and solid state switches are available in a general purpose type or with 2-color indication, which allows the optimum operating position to be determined by the color of the light. Solid state switches are also available in 2-color indication with diagnostic output, water resistant 2-color indication, built-in OFF-delay timer (200 ms), magnetic field resistant, heat resistant and wide range detection configurations. Various lead wire lengths are available.

Solid state auto switches
General purpose
Band, rail, tie-rod and direct mounting styles
Electrical entry: grommet, connector, terminal conduit