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Y300-D模块化 F.R.L. 为 SMC 的空气处理设备系列带来了现代外观,同时保持了我们其他系列的高性能。AC-D 的最大设定压力为 125 psi,可用于广泛的应用。AC-A 和 -B 的大部分功能已整合到 AC-D 中 – 透明碗护罩,可实现完全可见性;嵌入式仪表和压力开关;减少 AF-D 系列过滤器的维护空间并简化滤芯更换。


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Y300-D Spacer/Spacer with Bracket
Y300-D  of modular F.R.L. brings a modern appearance to SMC’s line of air preparation equipment while maintaining the high performance of our other series. The maximum set pressure of the AC-D is 125 psi allowing use in a broad range of applications. Most of the features of the AC-A and -B have been incorporated into the AC-D – transparent bowl guards for full visibility; embedded gauges and pressure switches; reduced maintenance space and simplified element change on AF-D series filters.

Attaches FRLs with tightening of screws
O-ring prevents leakage
Interchangeable with the existing model