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CE1-R10C 用于 CE1 系列的延长电缆
CE1-R10C是带位置反馈的行程读数筒。起始位置可以在气缸冲程内的任何位置。可在整个行程范围内进行测量。CE1 系列提供 6 种孔径尺寸,具有自动切换功能。



CE1-R10C可选项信息 可选项的值 CE1-R10C值的信息
电缆长度 10 10m
追记号 C 延长电缆插头


CE1-R10C Extension Cable for CE1 Series
The CE1-R10C is a stroke reading cylinder with position feedback. The home position can be anywhere within the cylinder stroke. Measurement is possible throughout the full stroke range. The CE1 series is offered in 6 bore sizes and is auto switch capable.

Cable lengths: 5m, 10m, 15m or 20m
Optional connector