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适用管材外径: Ø 4 至 Ø 12 mm

字段描述 字段取值 T1209W-100取值描述
表示管子称呼 1209 外径 12mm X 内径 9mm
颜色表示 W
1卷长度 100 每卷100m
订制规格 标准


T1209W-100 Nylon Tubing
SMC manufactures Fluoro-resin tubing for use in environments involving high temperatures and/or corrosive fluids. Pneumatic tubing is also available in several other materials both with and without reinforcement for use in standard applications. SMC fittings incorporate a positive tube seal while the fitting is under pressure which allows polyurethane tubing to be used.

The 25A- series variations are designed using material compatible with secondary battery applications and are able to be used in low dew point environments. The variations eliminate copper (Cu) and zinc (Zn) material where possible, making them compatible with secondary battery manufacturing for electronics, automotive, and other vehicle types.

Applicable tubing O.D.: Ø 4 to Ø 12 mm
Operating temperature: -40 to 100 °C for air and 0 to 70 °C for water.