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E410-U04 模块化适配器
SMC 的新型 AC-A 系列模块化 F.R.L. 装置有五种尺寸可供选择,可与现有的模块化交流线路互换。调压阀上的压降已减小,从而形成更高效的装置,最大设定压力为 100 psi。AW 和 AF 系列上的滤芯和滤盘现在是一体式的,使滤芯更换更容易。AF系列所需的维护空间减少了多达46%,具体取决于机身尺寸。尺寸为 30 和 40 的碗现在覆盖有透明的碗罩,完全保护它们免受环境的影响,并使内部内容物从 360 度可见。新AC-A系列的基色为都市白,保持干净、现代的外观。


E210/310/410, Modular Adapter

字段描述 字段取值 E410-U04取值描述
尺寸 410 410
接管口径 04 1/2


E410-U04 Modular Adapter
SMC’S new AC-A series of modular type F.R.L. unit is available in five sizes and is interchangeable with the existing modular AC line. The pressure drop across the regulator has been reduced creating a more efficient unit with a maximum set pressure of 100 psi. The element and bowl on the AW and AF series is now one-piece, making element replacement easier. Required maintenance space has been reduced by as much as 46% on the AF series, depending on the body size. Bowls on the size 30 and 40 are now covered with a transparent bowl guard, completely protecting them from the environment, and making the interior contents visible from 360 degrees. The base color of the new AC-A series is urban white, maintaining a clean, modern look.

Modular Adapter
Easy connection to existing products
Flexible mounting
Reduced space/piping maintenance cost