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“SMC Automation Co., Ltd. is a global provider of automation control products and solutions. The company was founded in 1959 and is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. It has branches and sales networks in over 80 countries and regions worldwide. SMC’s product line includes pneumatic components, electric components, controllers, engineering equipment, and various industrial automation solutions. These products and solutions can be widely applied in many industries, such as automobiles, electronics, food, and pharmaceuticals. The mission of SMC is to provide high-quality and efficient automation products and solutions to help customers improve production efficiency and reduce costs. The company has a professional research and development team, constantly launching new products and technologies to meet market demand.

SMC also focuses on environmental protection and sustainable development, actively developing and promoting green and environmentally friendly products, such as energy-saving pneumatic components, environmentally friendly electric components, and solar cell modules. In summary, SMC Automation Co., Ltd. is a company that focuses on providing comprehensive automation products and solutions, and has won widespread market recognition for its high-quality, efficient products and professional services.

SMC Automation Co., Ltd. has a rich product line, mainly including the following aspects:

Cylinder: SMC Company produces a wide variety of cylinders, including single acting cylinders, double acting cylinders, rotating cylinders, vibrating cylinders, etc., which can meet various industrial application needs.

Air source processor: SMC’s air source processors include various types such as pressure regulators, filters, lubricators, and drainers, which can process and filter air sources to ensure air source quality and improve the stability and reliability of pneumatic systems.

Electromagnetic valves: SMC company’s electromagnetic valves mainly include various types such as 2-position 2-way solenoid valves, 2-position 3-way solenoid valves, and 3-position 5-way solenoid valves, which can control the flow and direction of the air source and achieve automatic control of the pneumatic system.

Air pipe and connector: SMC company’s air pipe and connector can connect pneumatic components and gas sources, ensuring gas flow and achieving normal operation of the pneumatic system.

Vacuum components: SMC company produces various types of vacuum components, including vacuum generators, vacuum suction cups, vacuum pumps, etc., which can achieve precise vacuum control and processing in various situations.

In addition, SMC company also produces other types of industrial automation products, such as flow controllers, temperature controllers, electrostatic discharge devices, etc. In short, SMC’s product line is very diverse and can meet the needs of various industrial applications, providing customers with high-quality, high-performance, and highly reliable products and services.

AC10A-M5C-A series of modular F.R.L. brings a modern appearance to SMC’s line of air preparation equipment while maintaining the high performance of our other series. The maximum set pressure of the AC-D is 125 psi allowing use in a broad range of applications. Most of the features of the AC-A and -B have been incorporated into the AC-D – transparent bowl guards for full visibility; embedded gauges and pressure switches; reduced maintenance space and simplified element change on AF-D series filters.

Modular design with uniform body style
Mounting interchangeable with existing product
Expanded range of piping adapters, interfaces and modular pressure switches
Simplified assembly
Rc, NPT, or G threads”



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