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SMC 的 AW60-10DG-B是一种组合过滤器/减压阀,通过将两个单元集成到一个单元中来最大限度地减少空间和管道。AW60-10DG-B的最大设定压力为 125 psi,并提供 AW-A 中没有的嵌入式表压和压力开关选项,同时保持与以前的 AW 型号的面板安装互换性。尺寸为 30 及以上的碗覆盖有透明的碗罩,完全保护它们免受环境的影响,并使内部内容物从 360 度可见。该系列是SMC模块化空气制备装置系列的一部分,可与其他类似尺寸的产品结合使用。新型AW-B有四种阀体尺寸,管道从1/8“到1”,包括Rc,NPT和G螺纹类型。

Rc、G(PF) 或 NPT 螺纹。

字段描述 字段取值 AW60-10DG-B取值描述
主体大小 60 组合件大小
带逆流功能 无逆流功能
螺纹种类 Rc
接管口径 10 1
可选项a 无安装可选项
可选项b D 浮子式自动排水器N.O.(常开)未加压时冷凝水排出
可选项c G 圆形压力表(带限位指示器),无设定螺母(面板安装用)
准标准a 0.05~0.85MPa设定,聚碳酸酯杯
准标准b 带排水活门,溢流型,流向:左→右,产品标牌、杯注意指示和压力表的单位表示:MPa
订制规格 标准


AW60-10DG-B  Filter Regulator & Filter Regulator w/Backflow Function
SMC’S AW60-10DG-B is a combination filter/regulator, minimizing space and piping by integrating two units into one. The AW-B series has a maximum set pressure of 125 psi and offers embedded gauge and pressure switch options not found in the AW-A while maintaining panel mounting interchangeability with the previous AW models. Bowls on the size 30 and up are covered with a transparent bowl guard, completely protecting them from the environment and making the interior contents visible from 360 degrees. This series is part of the family of SMC modular air preparation units and can be combined with other similar sized product. The new AW-B is available in four body sizes with piping from 1/8″ to 1″ in Rc, NPT and G thread types.

Modular type filter regulator.
Transparent bowl guard.
Available with built-in backflow mechanism.
Rc, G(PF) or NPT threads.