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ZPT系列吸盘的直径从2到125mm不等,6杯材料和4杯设计(扁平,带肋条的扁平,深吸盘和波纹管),以适应多种应用。垂直真空入口连接可以通过一键式接头或螺纹连接进行。可选缓冲器可订购行程达 50mm。SMC 的 ZP2 系列真空垫的直径从 2 到 340 毫米不等,并提供各种真空垫材料和设计。ZP2 系列旨在标准化为 ZP 系列设计的特殊产品。垫子类型包括:微型吸盘、紧凑型吸盘、喷嘴吸盘、多波纹吸盘、海绵吸盘、无标记吸盘、椭圆形吸盘变体和重型吸盘变体。可选缓冲器可订购行程达 100mm。ZP3 系列吸盘具有紧凑的垫,与 ZP 系列相比,缓冲体缩短了多达 2.2 英寸。可选缓冲器可订购最大 20mm 行程。


焊盘直径从 2mm 到 50mm


[缓冲器行程(mm):6, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 40, 50]
字段描述 字段取值 ZPT20UN-A6取值描述
吸盘直径 20 Φ20
吸盘形状 U 平型
材质 N NBR
真空引出口 A6 M6X1 外螺纹


ZPT20UN-A6 Vacuum Pad, Vertical Entry
The ZPT series suction cups are available in diameters from 2 to 125mm, 6-cup materials, and 4-cup designs (flat, flat with ribs, deep and bellows), to suit multiple applications. Vertical vacuum entry connections can be made via one-touch fittings or threaded connections. Optional buffers can be ordered with up to 50mm stroke. SMC’s ZP2 series vacuum pads are available in diameters from 2 to 340mm, and offer a variety of pad materials and designs. The ZP2 series was designed to standardize special products designed for the ZP series. Pad types include: miniature cups, compact cups, nozzle cups, multi-bellows cups, sponge cups, mark-free cups, oval cup variations, and heavy-duty cup variations. Optional buffers can be ordered with up to 100mm stroke. The ZP3 line of suction cups has a compact pad and the buffer body has been shortened by as much as 2.2″ when compared to the ZP series. The optional buffer can be ordered with up to 20mm stroke.


Vertical vacuum entry
Without buffer
Pad diameters from 2mm to 50mm
Flat, ribbed, deep, and bellows pad styles
Four different materials available